About Me


My name is Alex. Thanks for visiting Complete Keto.

I started this project in the spring of 2014 with the intent of creating an all-encompassing blog dedicated to the ketogenic diet. That includes creative recipes, helpful how-to’s, tips and tricks to ease readers into the ketogenic lifestyle, and even a few personal musings of my own. Oh, and a few gifs as well.

Since early childhood, I had always struggled with weight issues. I was never obese, but I certainly had “more to love”. As the years went by, I explored and attempted countless weight loss strategies with little to no success. Low-fat? Been there. 1,000 calories a day? Done that. Switching to whole grain? Bust.

None of these worked for me.

I came close to losing hope. Simply put, I thought that I’d just always be the “chubby” guy of the group. That was who I was supposed to be. But one day back in the spring of 2012, I was browsing Reddit and stumbled into a group of people talking about this diet called “Keto”. I was already aware of low-carb diets, but I had never truly explored them as an option for me. After reading through the FAQ, checking out popular recipes, and seeing the astonishing progress pictures of real people, I decided to give Keto a try.

I made my first trip to the grocery store with Keto on my mind. I stocked up on the essentials: various vegetables, bacon, chicken, cheeses, almonds, eggs, and so forth. No longer were my shopping carts filled with white bread, mac n cheese, and potato chips.

By the end of that summer, just a few months after I had discovered Keto, I was down almost 30 lbs and closing in on my goal weight. All of my pants became loose. My belt was tightened. I saw my jaw line again. I was sleeping better. Even my gas had disappeared! And most of all – I was no longer constantly feeling hungry. The need to always be snacking or binge eating was no longer a part of my life.

It was then that I decided that Keto wouldn’t be just a fad for me. It was a new way of life and the right way for me to eat.

And so here we are. I created Complete Keto not for me, but for all of us. Whether you’re a seasoned vet or just considering Keto as an option for you, I hope that you’ll find this blog to be of use for you.

Please click here to contact me. I welcome any and all comments!




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